European tour2012/02/21

In October two of the finest European funeral doom metal bands are teaming up together to embark on a 10 day trek through the central part of the continent. Germany’s Worship (Weird Truth Records) and The Netherlands’ Faal (Ván Records) are set to depress and annihilate the population.


WORSHIP is a funeral doom band originally founded as a studio project in 1998 by Fucked Up Mad Max and The Doommonger. Their first demo “Last tape before Doomsday” was a sort of doom underground hit that lead to 2 vinyl and 3 CD editions, and together with the following 3 EPs established their faithful fanbase around the world. That fan support eventually kept WORSHIP from falling apart after Max’s untimely death in 2001. With a new lineup, Worship gave their first live performance in 2005, released 3 further EPs, and continued the work on the album “Dooom”. Finally released in 2007, the album was generelly received very well (with an average review score of over 95%) and was accompanied by a series of concerts including a small successful headliner tour in Japan and the headliner slot of Dutch Doom Days 2008. Today, WORSHIP is working on their next full album and 10th release, which will be released in autumn 2012 on Weird Truth (Japan).

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Faal is established in 2005 at the south of the Netherlands. The band’s music is mainly doom-metal oriented with touches of black-metal and post-rock. Their first album “Abhorrence-Salvation” was released in 2008 at Ván Records. This album received many good reviews, which resulted in a sold out first printing. Beside their recordings, they’ve also build up a good live reputation and shared stages with among others Ataraxie, Isole, Forgotten Tomb, The Ocean, October Tide and Mourning Beloveth. In 2011 Faal went back to the studio to record their second full-length called “The Clouds Are Burning”, which has just been released.

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Available tourdates

  • Friday, October 19 – North/East-France (available)
  • Saturday, October 20 – Magasin4 – Brussels – Belgium
  • Sunday, October 21 – Dutch Doom Days – Baroeg – Rotterdam – The Netherlands
  • Monday, October 22 – Netherlands/Germany (available)
  • Tuesday, October 23 – Markthalle – Hamburg – Germany
  • Wednesday, October 24 – Ungdomshuset – Copenhagen – Denmark
  • Thursday, October 25 – East Germany (available)
  • Friday, October 26 – Doom over Vienna – The Escape – Vienna – Austria
  • Saturday,October 27 – Sub – Graz – Austria (available)
  • Sunday, October 28 – South Germany / Switzerland (available)

Please note that this is a general idea of how the routing could look, if you have interest in a specific date feel free to inform. All interested parties can contact [email protected] for conditions and availability.

Album release2012/02/21

Our new album ‘The clouds are burning’ will be released in march 2012

In the meantime, check out the albumteaser here: